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What is Cassini Cloud Core?

The Cassini Cloud Core is a set of servers, firewalls, switches and storage devices running in two world-class data centres in Australia.

What type of cloud services are included in Cassini Cloud Core?

Cassini Cloud Core offers a number of services. For example, you could have a dedicated, fully-managed Core Server. The goal is for our Core servers to be your Core system. We deliver and manage your IT system infrastructure.

Each company using Cassini Cloud is allocated a set of Core servers. These cloud servers are dedicated to one company only. Having a set of servers for each company enhances the uptime of the service i.e. if one server fails another is able to take over.

The goal is for your Cassini Cloud Core servers to be a complete IT solution to run your business. Depending on your needs the applications available to you could be:

  • BYOA (Bring your own App) such as MYOB, QuickBooks, Ostendo, Fishbowl, Biztools, Sage
  • Microsoft Office
  • Document Management
  • Audioand Video Collaboration
  • CRM

The Cassini Cloud Core is a network of servers housed in two world-class data centres based in Sydney.

What are the benefits of an an exclusive Cassini Cloud server?

Each company using Cassini Cloud is allocated exclusively to one or more dedicated core servers. There are many benefits of this architecture such as:

  • very high security (only your staff can access your servers)
  • consistent, high performance  – your servers are dedicated to you – you are not sharing them with a number of other companies.
  • Cassini Cloud manages your server(s). We back them up, monitor critical functions such as CPU load, Disk Capacity. We provide high quality anti-virus protection and ensure critical software updates (such as Java patches) are kept up to date.
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