Cloud Conversion Services

What is Cassini Cloud Conversion Services?

Cassini Cloud will, if you wish, migrate your company’s data to your Core server(s). This cloud migration can cover your emails, contacts, calendars, the data in your current accounting application or your documents.

What is included if you sign up for Cloud Conversion?

Cassini Cloud staff will draw up a migration plan including the metrics and expected outcomes from the cloud migration. We will look to perform as much of the cloud conversion as possible since your staff are already fully occupied in day to day operations. Depending on your needs, Cassini Cloud will migrate your mailboxes, contacts, appointments, databases and documents (you’ll need to help us define what documents are “live” versus “archive”). We will inter-operate with your software supplier(s) to ensure your business applications are installed and tested. You will need to perform end-user acceptance testing prior to go live.

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What are the benefits of an assisted Conversion to the Cloud?

Professional Project Management and Execution

Cassini Cloud has migrated many users to our Cloud servers. While every migration is unique there are many common processes and approaches. We are able to bring our experience to making the task fast, thorough and the least possible impact on your staff’s workload.

Migration Methodology and Toolset

Cassini Cloud has developed a range of methodologies and tools to expedite the process of migration. The goal is to ensure the process is accurate and complete as well as being cost effective

Fixed Price Migration

All migration projects are offered on a maximum, fixed price basis so you have confidence that the job will be done completely with a known cost.

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