Cloud Customer Relationship Management

What is Cassini Cloud Customer Relationship Management?

Will your business benefit if your sales team is integrated around your customers? Do you want your sales team to be more efficient and more effective in achieving your sales targets?

Cassini Cloud can deliver an effective customer relationship management solution for you. We have deep experience in running sales organisations and have the expertise to deliver an integrated solution that really works for your people and your business. We run the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application as well as providing the integration, customisation services needed to make it work for you.

For example, we have integrated the cloud accounting service Xero ( with Dynamics CRM so you can see all the financial details of a customer (invoices, credit notes, receipts) from Xero inside the CRM. Similarly if you make changes to accounts (companies) or contacts those changes will be reflected back into Xero.

We have built a complete Travel Agency Management solution inside Dynamics CRM (not integrated with Dynamics CRM but part of it) Put your customers in the centre of your Travel Agency. Let your sales teams know everything about your customers, bookings, tours, all emails, payments, integrated workflow with your web site).

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Why choose Cassini Cloud for a personalised, complete Cloud solution?

Cassini Cloud are focused on providing you with a complete IT server solution for your business. The solution will be dedicated and designed for your particular business. This approach provides a very secure, flexible, consistently high performing system.

Cassini Cloud will manage your IT server solution to ensure it operates well all the time. Our heritage is working with small and medium sized business to provide them with appropriate IT systems so we understand the unique cost and time pressures you face.


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