Cloud Collaboration Services

What is Cassini Cloud Collaboration Services?

Collaboration is very powerful and not easy to achieve. The phrase “that a team of good members will usually outperform a group of brilliant individuals” speaks on one level about the power of effective collaboration. There are many reasons effective collaboration is hard to achieve. Some of those barriers can be broken down using Cassini Cloud services.

How does Cassini Cloud assist with Cloud Collaboration?

Some of the barriers we can help break down are:

  • Geographically dispersed staff : Cassini Cloud serves your complete IT systems to all staff regardless of location
  • Local copies of documents, spreadsheets mean not everyone is on the same page: Our cloud-based secure, integrated document management solution means there is one source of the truth

What are the benefits of Cloud Collaboration?

The benefits of Cloud Collaboration will depend on your business and your processes. Here are a few examples of the benefits:

  • Efficiencies in processes:
    • With all your documents in the cloud every one is on the same page e.g. field sales staff operate with the same prices that are always up to date, sales presentations, proposal templates are the same and up to date for everyone
    • Marketing , Finance and Sales all work from the same page improving team work, reducing errors, implementing changes faster
    • Sales leads can get to the assigned sales person immediately with the sales person able to work on the opportunity, progress the sale using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads
    • Sales activities, pipeline status are visible across the sales organisation all the time
  • Lower Costs
    • More efficient processes are also less expensive with reduced need for admininistration staff involvement
  • Speed of Operation
    • If all the staff (including contractors/third parties) can collaborate in one place (cloud) processes (such as lead assignment, lead followup) execute faster
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