Cassini Cloud Services

Cassini Cloud Core Services

The Cassini Cloud Core is a set of servers, firewalls, switches and storage devices running in two world-class data centres in Australia. Each company using Cassini Cloud is allocated a set of Core servers. These servers are dedicated to one company only.

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Cassini Cloud Conversion Services

Migrating your business operational data successfully is critical to the success of operating on your Cassini Cloud Core server(s). We will undertake to project manage the migration and undertake the actual migration where possible.

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Cassini Cloud Collaboration Services

Cassini Cloud can work with you to significantly improve the collaboration amongst your staff using cloud technologies.

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Cassini Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Cassini Cloud can deliver an effective customer relationship management solution for you. We have deep experience in running sales organisations and have the expertise to deliver an integrated solution that really works for your people and your business. We run the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application as well as providing the integration, customisation services needed to make it work for you.

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Why choose Cassini Cloud?

We are commited to really understanding the needs of your business first. We only recommend a tailor-made cloud solution once we know what you want to achieve. We assist you from inception to completion, every step of the way. We provide a full, personalised service. This is completely different to the one-size-fits-all solutions offered by the larger cloud enterprises.

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