Our Mission

At Cassini Cloud we strive to live by the following ethos and service our clients accordingly.

1. Enriching the lives of our customers using cloud technologies

We want to enable our customers to achieve some of their personal goals. These goals might be:

  • Better work/life balance
  • Greater profits or wealth
  • More flexible work options

With Cassini Cloud services our customers will be able to grow their business through cloud-enabled options such as operating your business in multiple locations, supporting remote workers, supporting mobile workers, being able to take on contractors for short periods of time and having the IT system expand and shrink as required.

2. To operate on a sound ethical and transparent basis

Our company has to have a solid foundation. That foundation provides a sustainable future and must be ethical, transparent and straight forward.

3. Caring relationships form the basis of our humanity

Whilst our company is a technology-based service provider, the point of our existence is to enrich the lives of the people we meet and work with. To that end we must operate with the core elements of a successful human society. These elements are described in words such as honest, caring, transparent, ethical, clarity, leadership.