Our Methods

The start of our engagement with a prospective customer is to properly understand the customer’s business, direction and needs. We need to understand what the picture of a successful outcome looks like.

Initial Investigation

Here we want to understand the current environment of the customer. What are the pain points, what is your vision, what are the needs, what are the current applications and issues.

Quality Assure the Customer’s Internet Connections

Since a customer of Cassini Cloud is dependent on the quality of the access to the internet. it goes without saying that we must make sure that the customer’s internet connections are adequate in terms of reliability, capacity and performance. To that end Cassini Cloud personnel will work with the customer to evaluate the internet connections over a minimum period of a week. This testing period will continue until the internet connections are seen to be adequate in all three measures mentioned earlier.

Initial testing and full scale User Acceptance testing

Cassini Cloud personnel will work with the customer through a series of testing phases so we all have assurance that the solution will meet the expectations of all those involved (both customer and Cassini Cloud

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