IT stability is the business of safety

Andrew Miklosvary Commercial Manager, aferoads When Andrew Miklosvary, Commercial Manager of Saferoads Pty Ltd contacted Cassini Cloud, the ASX small-cap listed company was struggling with an outdated and unreliable IT system. Their on site terminal server managed through an off site provider was cumbersome and upgrading it wasn’t a viable option. Cassini Cloud offered a cloud-based solution for their IT infrastructure that provided stability  within a cost-effective package.
“Our [previous] IT environment was very unstable. It didn’t grow with us and was very costly to upgrade.  It used to crash and put users and our business out,  and when something did happen,” said Andrew, “it was costly for someone to come and fix”

As a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of road safety products throughout Australia, consistent IT is paramount not only for the Saferoad’s financial bottom line, but keeping communication open between staff and stakeholders in this business is a matter of saving lives.  “The key thing for us was a more stable environment,” said Andrew.  “Cassini’s solution is robust and stable. Monitored all the time by Cassini Cloud staff, if there are any problems they are able to be remedied quite quickly.”

Recommended by a consultant with whom Andrew had worked, Cassini Cloud offered an update “as a package”, said Andrew, “not on the old hourly rate many companies are still struggling with. It was a very cost effective solution for us, that gave complete transparency in managing our IT costs going forward. Due diligence confirmed that Gavin Dixon (CEO Cassini Cloud) was deeply respected professionally and personally in the IT industry, and Andrew was more than happy to get Cassini Cloud on board.

“What Gavin has been able to architect for us is the ability to access our systems, our database, our files, our information from any laptop anywhere in the world so we’re not confined to the office. This provides a very flexible work environment for our staff.”

Recently returned from paternity leave, Andrew knows first hand how Cassini Cloud has enriched lives at Saferoads. “I was able to perform my job remotely for 3 weeks and not have to step into the office. This new system allows us to connect and tap into the business from anywhere. It’s how people operate these days. ”

“I don’t like to use the term work-life balance” he added, “it’s work-life integration. Work is a necessary evil but you’ve got to get enjoyment out of it and if you can do that from where you feel comfortable and allow that flexibility it’s a good thing.”

About to embark on a new venture beyond Saferoads, Andrew was so impressed with Cassini Cloud that he has engaged Gavin and his team to implement the same system for his future IT needs, adding: “If that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is.”

Andrew Miklosvary
Commercial Manager
Saferoads Pty Ltd
ASX listed (SRH)

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