How to set up shared Skydrive Pro folders on your local C drive

The goal of this blog is to provide technical notes where we have solved various issues migrating other clients to the cloud, which others may also encounter. We hope the technical tips for cloud migration we write here are helpful.

Problem: You are invited by email to access a shared Skydrive Pro folder by the owner but you want a sync’d copy of that folder on your local C drive.

Solution: The key to this solution is to use a browser and the link in the email that invited you access the shared folder. You need to set up the local sync’d shared folder using a browser that is logged into your Office 365 account.

1) Log into Office 365 ( with your email address and password

2) Open Outlook Web Apps (OWA) after logging in by clicking on the Outlook menu item at the top of the screen

3) Click on the email that invites you to the shared folder. Then click on the link to the shared folder in that email (it will show up in the email preview section on the right  hand side).

4) When the browser has navigated to the shared folder click on the “Sync” button on the top right hand side. This will then create a folder on your C drive that synchronises with the shared folder. If you have been granted write access then you will be able to change the contents in that folder.

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