Coffee Machine Master Franchisor moves to the cloud with Cassini Cloud

This client is a franchisor distributing coffee machines. The company also services the machines both in the field and in the service centre. Customers purchase associated consumables on a regular basis.  The warehousing, distribution centre is some 1000 km from Head Office. The client has a geographically dispersed, direct, mobile van based sales force as well as franchisors.

Some of the challenges in the business are the multiple locations, the dispersed sales force and the sales mix of high-value, low-volume machines and low-value, high-volume consumables.

Cassini Cloud brings a number of services to solve these challenging situations.

  • Cloud-based system enables all staff to work together regardless of geography
  • Cloud-based document management enables sales efficiencies through:
    • Single reference point for price lists, proposal templates
    • Shared customer proposals and references
    • “there is one source of the truth” for sales and management
  • Cloud-based collaboration enables sales management to hold virtual sales conferences (audio and/or video)
  • Integrated cloud-based CRM enables iPad app equipped sales staff to react to leads, convert them to opportunities and track activities. The CRM is integrated with email, calendars, tasks and marketing lead-generation. providing the sales force with very easy to use iPad app that is fully integrated with the cloud-based services provides an efficient solution

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