Cassini Cloud’s first customer goes live

An exciting milestone in the life of our young company has come about.

Cassini Cloud has had its first customer go live a couple of weeks ago.

We will talk more about this very special company after it has been live for a while and we are able to articulate how Cassini Cloud has made a difference.

As with all our customers we are embarking on a journey with this company.

Initially we have migrated their office accounting application (MYOB Account Right Premier Enterprise) to a Cassini Cloud Core server. The first benefit the company noticed was that Australian users in Queensland and New South Wales have been able to use MYOB with exceptional performance. Immediately executives and senior management have up to date information about the business. The information is transparent and available any time, any where on all the different types of devices used by management (PCs, Macs, iPads are in use so far).

We expect the management of this company to be able to make more informed decisions, faster.

I mentioned earlier that we are on a journey. In the near future we will be implementing cloud-based document management and CRM/Collaboration services. This company has a number of mobile sales representatives. The goal is to improve sales efficiency (measured in sales cycle time) and sales effectiveness (measured in win/loss ratio). We expect that the simplicity of the solution, its integrated operation and its cloud-based availability will make the solution great for both the sales people and the company’s management.

As we travel this journey we will report on the progress and the results of our very first customer.

We have also had commitment to use Cassini Cloud from several more companies so I hope to report to you on how those companies are using our services and how we are making a difference.

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