Monthly Archives: February 2013

Coffee Machine Master Franchisor moves to the cloud with Cassini Cloud

This client is a franchisor distributing coffee machines. The company also services the machines both in the field and in the service centre. Customers purchase associated consumables on a regular basis.  The warehousing, distribution centre is some 1000 km from Head Office. The client has a geographically dispersed, direct, mobile van based sales force as well as franchisors. Some of the challenges...
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Cassini Cloud Core services go live

It is with great pleasure we announce the birth of Cassini Cloud. Cassini Cloud is a purely cloud-based service provider. We have built two sets of core infrastructure in two geographically separated, world-class data centres. These data centres are located in Sydney, Australia. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our customers through the application of cloud technologies. On the...
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